Dr. Mazzaferri To Be Honored at 2012 Dinner/Auction Fundraiser for Thyroid Cancer Research

On Saturday, October 20, 2012, you’re invited to join us at the Eaglewood Resort & Spa in Itasca, Illinois, for a wonderful evening of connections, camaraderie, and fundraising for Thyroid Cancer Research. We all share the dream of research for cures for all thyroid cancer.Dr. Ernest Mazzaferri

This year we will honor our dear friend and long-time contributor and ThyCa Medical Advisor Ernest Mazzaferri, M.D. The photo shows Dr. Mazzaferri speaking at a ThyCa workshop.

You’re invited to reserve your seat at the 11th Annual Dinner/Auction for Thyroid Cancer Research. Tickets are $50 each, and the net proceeds go to the ThyCa Research Funds. If you are unable to attend, you are invited to sponsor a ticket for someone else or help with a donation to the research fund.

Use the online form or download the mail in form for Dinner/Auction tickets, available on our Conferences page.

You honor us, not only by sharing this important and exciting moment in ThyCa history, but also by your continued interest and participation in helping us make a difference in our world. Thank you!

To find out more about the Rally for Research, and ThyCa’s Research Grants, awarded every year since 2003, visit our Rally for Research page.