Free ATC Handbook and Videos with Experts Educate About ATC

The Handbook. Get the free Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer handbook, written and edited by patients, caregivers, and numerous physician specialists. Its 40 pages are packed with medical information and helpful tips from ATC physicians, patients, and caregivers. Topics include ATC critical decisions for patients and caregivers, assessment, treatments, clinical trials, coping recommendations on dealing with ATC’s emotional and practical impacts, and more.

The free ATC handbook is available in these three ways:

  1. as a downloadable PDF (
  2. as an ePub on iTunes and GooglePlay from ThyCa’s home page, and
  3. in its print edition signing up on ThyCa’s Guestbook or by requesting a copy by e-mailing to

Videos with Experts. Six informative videos on the Anaplastic playlist on ThyCa’s YouTube channel focus on Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer. The speakers include Marcia Brose, M.D., Ph.D., Bryan Haugen, M.D., Steven Sherman, M.D., Julie Sosa, M.D., and R. Michael Tuttle, M.D., who are all ThyCa Medical Advisors, as well as Robert Smallridge, M.D., past president of the American Thyroid Association.