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MTC Journeys

The following MTC journeys are shared by fellow Meddies and their loved ones.

We are grateful for their up-close and personal accounts of their experiences with MTC so that others can learn and appreciate the human side of dealing with MTC.

While there is a fair amount of technical and medical information on the Internet, there are few places where we can put a face on this disease and read about it from a patient’s and caregiver’s perspective.

No two stories are alike. Many of them read like a medical mystery from an episode of the popular TV series “House.”

Many found writing their story was personally rewarding and good therapy. We encourage others to do the same and welcome new additions to these pages.

MTC sometimes follows a different clinical course in people depending on their underlying genetic mutation or codon number. We hope to include stories from a cross-section of different genetic mutations such as 634, 918, 618, etc.

Those with hereditary MTC (MEN2A and MEN2B) may encounter a few added side trips on their journey, so the stories listed here are divided into two categories — Sporadic MTC and Hereditary MTC.




Last updated:  May 21, 2013