Take Part in USA TODAY Survey of RAI Treatment and Insurance Issues

USA TODAY has asked ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association to issue the following survey. The newspaper is researching a story on treatment and insurance issues arising from radioactive iodine therapy and would appreciate your answers to the survey questions.

We believe that your responses to the survey will be tremendously informative, not only to USA TODAY readers, but also to our constituents. We’re hoping to release the results in full during our conference in San Francisco in October, and later on our web site.

To safeguard individuals’ confidentiality, ThyCa will not supply the newspaper with any identifying information about any individuals. But USA TODAY medical writer Steve Sternberg would like very much to speak with any participant who wants to speak with him. Hence, the last question on the survey allows you to register your interest.

Please respond by August 21, 2007. Thank you.