ThyCa NEWS NOTES – May 2007


Oklahoma’s First Thyroid Cancer Support Group Formed
Spring Workshops Draw Record Numbers
TSH Levels and TSH Suppression
From the Mailbox—New Volunteers Step Forward
Have You Visited the Web Site Lately?
Golf Tournament To Support Research Fund
Thank You From ThyCa
New Pill Cases From ThyCa
Coming Events
Every Day…
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We are delighted to announce that Oklahoma now has a thyroid cancer support group. Lara Gaston, volunteer in Oklahoma City, has started ThyCa’s newest thyroid cancer support group. This new group will meet on the first Monday evening each month (from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.), starting on July 2nd.

We invite you to attend a ThyCa support group near you. If there isn’t a support group nearby, consider starting one. Contact for more information. These groups are a wonderful way to meet and share experiences with other thyroid cancer survivors and caregivers in your area.

Support groups are open to people at all phases of testing, treatment, and follow-up, along with caregivers and friends. Groups meet throughout the United States, as well as in Costa Rica and Philippines.

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ThyCa’s Five Spring Workshops, drew more than 400 attendees from 25 states and Washington, DC. The workshops took place in Arizona, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, and Texas.

Our thanks to the wonderful physicians, other specialists, survivors and caregivers who made these free events so informative and supportive.

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A topic of great interest at our spring workshops, as well as at our conferences, is TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) and what is recommended for different patients at different risk levels.

Physicians’ presentations and survivors’ and caregivers’ questions focused on TSH levels, and what specialists currently recommend. They discussed TSH levels for initial management as well as differences for long-term management, for patients with papillary or follicular thyroid cancer with different initial extent of disease and different follow-up test results.

To aid patient education, the TSH page added to ThyCa’s web site last year and expanded this year gives an overview, developed with extensive input and review from numerous thyroid cancer specialists.

As with all medical topics, it’s important to consult your own physician for guidance and recommendations tailored to your individual circumstances and medical needs.

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New Volunteers Step Foward to Help Raise Awareness

From North Carolina…
“I am a two year Thyroid Cancer survivor. I was looking at your different posters you have and I am a true believer in early detection. I found a knot in my neck that ended up being a lymph node with cancer in it …… So I would like to know if you would send me your free brochures so I can read them and then pass them on to someone else.
“And one more quick question, too…. do ya’ll have any support groups in North Carolina? …… Thank you for the great website that ya’ll have and for the cookbook for the low iodine diet. It made the diet much easier to have that cookbook. Thank you.”

From Texas….
”This note is to request some materials that bring awareness to the issue of Thyroid Cancer.… My husband was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer ….. Our wonderful friends are preparing a benefit for our family, and we would like to provide this material to bring heightened awareness to this disease. My family is here to attest that this is not the “GOOD CANCER”. Please send whatever materials you feel would be helpful in bringing this disease to the forefront of public awareness….Your help is so appreciated!”

From Kansas….”We are going to have a “cancer awareness” display …. with presentation boards, brochures, etc. and I was wondering if you would be willing to donate …. brochures for this event.

“Your web site is very helpful and informative…keep up the great work!”

From Tennessee….
“I have been newly diagnosed with thyroid nodules and am in the process of getting scheduled for surgery to have it removed. I am the health educator at my church and am trying to raise awareness of this type of cancer and how prevalent it is in the female population.

“It would be great to have some information (brochures, pamphlets, etc.) to give out to my congregation on early detection. Thank you for any information that you can send.”

We’re grateful to these new volunteers, and the many others who contacted us, for your help in raising awareness and reaching out. We’re happy to mail free awareness materials on request.

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Our web site received more than 270,000 visits in April 2007. Our web site now has more than 600 pages. More than 50 distinguished physicians and the other specialists give ongoing input and review.

You’ll find information about treatment and follow-up for all types of thyroid cancer, web pages for each local support group, an article about the new pill cases, the volunteer opportunities page, the latest about our conference hotel and room reservations, and more.

Our web site coordinators Betty Solbjor of Massachusetts and Joel Amromin of California, our Publications Committee volunteers, and all our medical reviewers deserve special thanks for your wonderful contributions.

We invite everyone to visit often for the latest updates.

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The 5th Annual Schmidt Open Golf Tournament will take place on October 11, 2007.

Our thanks to the Schmidt Family for once again organizing this terrific benefit event to support ThyCa’s Thyroid Cancer Research Fund while raising awareness of thyroid cancer at the same time.

Our thyroid cancer Research Grants are open to all institutions and all researchers worldwide. Our research fundraising campaign unites survivors, family, friends, neighbors, and loved ones in an international effort to raise funds to combat thyroid cancer.

ThyCa’s free support services and awareness programs, and our thyroid cancer research grants, are all made possible through the generosity of our wonderful supporters. We thank you for your support.

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We believe that no one should have to be alone when facing thyroid cancer. Our free support services are offered with this as our main goal.

We thank everyone for giving your time and talents to making possible our free services, publications, and events. We’re grateful to you for reaching out to others worldwide, to help connect them with ThyCa’s support services and resources.

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Three-Packs Include Two 7-Day Cases Plus a Pocket Case

Thyroid cancer patients, who range from young children through seniors, take a dose of levothyroxine, thyroid hormone replacement, every day for their lifetimes.

To help patients keep track of their daily pills, while raising awareness of thyroid cancer and the availability of free support services and education, ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association, Inc. ( is pleased to offer a handy three-pack of pill cases. Each package includes two seven-day pill cases with large lettering for each day of the week, plus a compact pocket pill case for daily use.

The packages of three pill cases are available for $5, and the proceeds benefit ThyCa’s outreach, support services, and thyroid cancer research grants. People who join ThyCa as lifetime members receive the three-pack of pill cases at no charge.

“We heard many people ask for something to help remember their pills, and we’re here to help,” said Leah Guljord, ThyCa Spirit Items Coordinator and thyroid cancer survivor of West Melbourne, Florida.

“ThyCa raises awareness year-round to increase early detection, because thyroid cancer is usually treatable when found early. We encourage everyone to ask their doctor for a neck check,” said Gary Bloom, ThyCa Board Chair and thyroid cancer survivor of Olney, Maryland.

With each order or membership, ThyCa also includes free thyroid cancer awareness brochures and plastic wallet cards listing ThyCa’s free services and contact information. ThyCa’s web site has photos of the pill cases, wristbands, pins, and other thyroid cancer awareness items, plus the order form.

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Every Month:
Free meetings of local support groups. More than 70 groups throughout the United States, and in Costa Rica and Philippines. The newest support groups have begun in New Jersey, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Costa Rica.

September 2007:
Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month.
Plus year-round awareness campaigns and free materials.

October 19-21, 2007:
The 10th International Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Conference.
San Francisco, California. Hotel reservations now open.

October 20, 2007:
The 6th Annual Dinner/Auction to Support Thyroid Cancer Research,
San Francisco, California.

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Every day, thousands of people with thyroid cancer, and their families, are offered support, education, and hope by ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association, and your generous support is what makes this possible. It only takes a minute to make a secure donation online in support of ThyCa’s work (or you are welcome to donate by mail), so click here to give.

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