ThyCa NEWS NOTES – September 2008


Latest 2008 Conference News

Come to the 11th International Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Conference
October 17-19, 2008
St. Louis, Missouri
Sheraton Westport Hotel/Lakeside Chalet, 191 Westport Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63146
Sponsored by ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association, Inc.

Visit our Conferences page for the complete Program Schedule, Registration, and Reservations at the conference hotel and the overflow hotel (Doubletree Hotel St. Louis at Westport)

Conference Features

  • More than 60 Speakers
  • More than 100 Session Choices
  • Register either in advance (online or by mail) or onsite at the conference.
  • Walk-in attendees welcome.
  • Scholarships for the registration fee available on request.

Conference Details

We’re honored that 26 distinguished physicians plus more than 40 other specialists, survivors of every type of thyroid cancer, and caregivers, will be speaking. The physicians come from these centers:

  • Cleveland Clinic
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
  • New York University Cancer Center
  • Ohio State University College of Medicine
  • St. John’s Mercy Medical Center St. Louis
  • University of Chicago Medical Center
  • University of Cincinnati Medical School
  • University of Connecticut
  • University of Florida Shands Cancer Center at Gainesville
  • University of Missouri
  • University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
  • University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
  • Washington University St. Louis School of Medicine
  • Yale University School of Medicine
  • and other leading institutions.

Speakers also include

  • Pharmacist
  • Nurses
  • Mental Health Professionals;
  • 3 Attorneys
  • Financial Specialists
  • Specialists in coping skills and complementary approaches to well-being
  • Long-term Survivors of papillary, follicular, medullary, and anaplastic thyroid cancer
  • Caregivers.

The hotel has free parking. It also provides free shuttle service from and to the St. Louis Airport.

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve also arranged a nearby Overflow Hotel (Doubletree Hotel St. Louis at Westport) at a $99 rate for sleeping rooms reserved by October 14th.

Our web site has the complete Program Schedule, registration, and hotel details.

October 17-19, 2008
St. Louis, Missouri
The 11th International Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Conference


  • INSPIRATION. Through the unique peer perspectives of fellow survivors and caregivers coping with all types of thyroid cancer.
  • KNOWLEDGE. Through EDUCATIONAL SESSIONS led by more than 25 internationally renowned experts in thyroid cancer.
  • SKILLS. Through numerous sessions that offer tools and strategies to survivors, volunteers, advocates, and family members.
  • UNDERSTANDING, DISCOVERY, and LAUGHTER. Through special sessions led by specialists in coping and complementary approaches.
  • CONNECTION. Through PEER ROUNDTABLE SESSIONS where peers share ideas and personal strategies based on their experience in a variety of wellness- and coping-focused topics.
  • ENCOURAGEMENT. Through SUPPORT GROUPS held during the conference to provide a forum for mutual acceptance and self-discovery.
  • COMMUNITY. Through a conference weekend where you can connect with old and new friends to network and share stories, wellness tips and hope.

Go to our Conferences page for details and registration.

We hope to see you at the Conference!

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Come to the 2008 Dinner/Auction Research Fundraiser

A wonderful evening of camaraderie, inspiration, and hope

Saturday Evening, October 18, 2008, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
At the Sheraton Westport Hotel/Lakeside Chalet (The conference hotel)
Auction Items Preview on the web site!

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Mrs. New Jersey American Beauty 2008, Thyroid Cancer Survivor, Raises Awareness for Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month

Sherryl Pascal Also Promotes Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Conference in St. Louis, Missouri, October 17-19, 2008

ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association ( is delighted to welcome Sherryl Pascal, Mrs. New Jersey American Beauty 2008 and thyroid cancer survivor, to its outreach for Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month and beyond. She will also speak at the 11th International Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Conference in St. Louis, Missouri, October 17-19, 2008.

Pascal highlights Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month and its sponsor, ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association, on her web site’s home page.

She speaks out to raise awareness of thyroid cancer, one of the few cancers that is increasing in incidence, and promotes early detection through neck checks as well as expert treatment, lifelong management, and research to find cures for all thyroid cancer.

Residents of Westfield, New Jersey, Pascal and her husband of 15 years, Roy, are parents of three children, ages 11, 12, and 14. Sherryl is an accomplished interior designer whose home has been featured in several magazines. Once a ballerina, she now holds the seat of Board President of the New Jersey Ballet Guild. She has been cast in film and TV productions and considers her greatest privilege to be a stay-at home mother and raise their children.

For more information about Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month, visit our Awareness page.

For information about the 11th International Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Conference, visit our Conferences page.

For more information about ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association, visit our website, call 1-877-588-7904, or e-mail

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ThyCa Volunteers in National Television Broadcasts

Thank you to the ThyCa volunteers who helped raise awareness of thyroid cancer on national television broadcasts in September.

Four California ThyCa volunteers took part in Stand Up To Cancer’s networking luncheon and nationally televised program in Los Angeles on September 5.

Eight ThyCa volunteers from Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York were part of the invited VIP studio audience during two broadcasts of Good Morning America in New York City. They met and were photographed with hosts Robin Roberts and Diane Sawyer and guest Richard Gere.

We greatly appreciate your support, and the support of the program hosts, for thyroid cancer awareness.

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From Our E-Mail Inbox – Raising Awareness

From Denise in Oklahoma:
“Please send me free brochures to distribute to coworkers. My diagnosis of papillary carcinoma last December shocked many people. I am doing fine now.”

From Jackie in South Carolina:
“ I am a thyroid cancer survivor. I am giving a presentation on thyroid cancer awareness. I was wondering if you could mail some brochures to hand out at this event. I would need 50-75 brochures.”

From Karen in New York:
“If you can I would love it if you could send me some free brocures to raise thyroid cancer awareness. I have been recently diagnosed, and being a young individual, I want everyone to know that it can happen early in life as well.”

From Bonnie in Virginia:
“I was diagnosed and treated (successfully) for thyroid cancer this past spring. It has been a life-changing experience. I have had much support from my family, friends, and workplace. I am a teacher and would love to be able to help in any way that I can to raise awareness here at my school. Can you please send me any free handouts, brochures, etc. you have that I can distribute?”

From Leslie in Kansas:
“I was wondering if it would be possible for you to send me some Thyroid Cancer brochures to set out in my staff room at work. I did not know that thyroid cancer existed until I was diagnosed. I would like to try and make my colleagues a work more aware, so that they will have a ‘neck check’ at their annual exams. I always enjoy my contact with fellow thycans and everyone at ThyCa is always so very nice.

“I am almost at my 2-year marker and last year I did not have the courage to place brochures in the work place. This year I want to try and make my colleagues aware. I guess it is my way of trying to give back.”

From Brenda in Indiana:
“I am interested in distributing flyers to community organizations. Our cancer center is in need of brochures and flyers, along with other area doctors’ offices.”

From Lola in West Virginia:
“I’m looking for brochures or any information I can give out at my town’s celebration. I am a thyroid cancer survivor and I would like to inform others about it. We get about 5,000 people coming in town and I think it would be good to give this information out if it would save a life.”

From Tracy in Washington:
“I am in need of free thyroid cancer awareness materials. I would love anything and everything you could send me. I want to help spread the word and raise awareness at my community picnic.”

To learn how you can help raise awareness, e-mail to

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New ThyCa Support Group Meets in Solano County, California

Welcome to ThyCa’s newest local support group: Solano County, California. The group meets on the third Saturday each month from 10:30 a.m. to noon at the Community Service Room, Fire Station #2, 601 Hastings Drive, Benicia, California.

Karla Santiago is the group’s volunteer facilitator. Thank you, Karla. For meeting and contact details, visit the group’s web page.

For the locations, meeting dates, and facilitators of all the local support groups around the United States and in Costa Rica and Philippines, go to our Support Groups page..

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Low-Iodine Recipe of the MonthContributed by Terri Y.

Rosemary Turkey

2 Turkey legs
2 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
3 Tablespoons balsamic vinegar
2 Tablespoons dried rosemary or fresh to taste
1 Tablespoon parsley flakes
Coarse ground pepper to taste

Mix all ingredients in pan, and roll turkey legs in mixture, coating well. Cover with aluminum foil. Cook for 1 1/2 hours at 350 degrees. This can be used for chicken also. Serve with steamed veggies and it’s great.

Terri writes, “Hello, l wanted to send this as I am a new cancer patient and have had a time eating since I am from the south and everything I really cooked was fried, had gravy on it, and so on. But this turkey is very good.”

Thank you, Terri! Your recipe will be added to the next edition of the FREE Downloadable Low-Iodine Cookbook. Download the cookbook, with more than 250 favorite recipes from more than 100 generous volunteers.

If you’d like to contribute your favorite recipe or tip to the cookbook’s next edition, send it to

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Have You Visited the Web Site Lately?

Our web site has more than 650 pages. More than 50 distinguished physicians plus numerous other specialists give ongoing input and review. We greatly appreciate the wonderful support of these medical specialists.

The web site expands nearly every week. Visit often for the latest information updates and news about special events.

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Are You a ThyCa Member?

We invite you to join ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association, Inc. Your membership dues will support ThyCa’s efforts to reach other survivors and their families around the world. You may join as a one-year member, two-year member, or lifetime member.

For the online and mailed membership forms, go to our Membership page.

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Want To Volunteer?

We welcome new volunteers at any time. To learn about volunteer opportunities, visit our Volunteer page.

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Thank You From ThyCa!

We believe that no one should have to be alone when facing thyroid cancer.

Our free support services are offered with this as our main goal.

We thank everyone for giving your time and talents to making possible our free services, publications, and events. We’re grateful to you for reaching out to others worldwide, to help connect them with ThyCa’s support services and resources.

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Every Day…

Every day, thousands of people with thyroid cancer, and their families, are offered support, education, and hope by ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association. Your generous support is what makes this possible. It only takes a minute to make a secure donation online in support of ThyCa’s work (or you are welcome to donate by mail), so click here to give.

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Calendar of Events

Visit our Calendar page to learn about coming events for October and beyond. These include meetings of Local Support Groups, the International Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Conference, the 2008 Dinner/Auction Fundraiser for Thyroid Cancer Research, the Graves’ Disease Foundation Conference, the Pittsburgh Thyroid Cancer Seminar, and a 2009 Preview.

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