Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ 8th Annual Conference Draws Large Attendance from USA, Canada, Philippines; Leading Specialists Present Latest Research

More than 400 thyroid cancer survivors, caregivers, and health care professionals gathered in Denver, Colorado, on the weekend of October 21-23, 2005, for the 8th International Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Conference. The conference was sponsored by the national nonprofit organization ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association, Inc.

The participants came from 37 states, District of Columbia, Canada, and the Philippines. Thyroid cancer survivors attending ranged from people newly diagnosed to survivors of more than 30 years, from children through seniors. Numerous physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals also attended to share in the conference experience.

Highlights of the conference’s 100-plus sessions included more than 30 physician presentations and Ask-a-Doctor sessions about the latest advances in thyroid cancer care and research, including promising clinical trials. The 22 physician speakers came from the Cleveland Clinic, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Duke University, University of Florida, University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Washington University School of Medicine, and other major centers.

Featured speakers also included 3 pharmacists, a dentist, 5 nurses, a dietitian, 3 attorneys, a psychologist, specialists in complementary approaches to well-being, survivors of each type of thyroid cancer (papillary, follicular, medullary, anaplastic, and variants), and caregivers. Also speaking were Denver 7News Anchor Theresa Marchetta and National Memory Champion Scott Hagwood, both of whom are thyroid cancer survivors.

“Great job EVERYONE!!! We just wanted to let you know how much the conference means to us. We appreciate all the hard work, time and sacrifice by all. It was really worth it,” wrote an attendee from Illinois.

“I have learned so much from everyone!” another attendee wrote.

”This was my first conference and I am so glad that I went,” wrote a thyroid cancer survivor from Nevada. “When I was diagnosed 20 years ago, I felt very alone. Well, I didn’t feel alone this weekend. Everyone (survivors, caregivers, doctors, etc.) was very compassionate. It was a wonderful feeling to know that everyone…was there for a common cause…There were recently diagnosed survivors to long-time survivors. I met many wonderful people.”

“This conference has made me look at my disease in a whole new way,” another attendee reported. “It’s been on the back burner for many years, thinking it was gone, and other issues were more important. I was wrong,” another attendee said, “Thank you for the opportunity, experience, education, and excellent networking!”


“We thank all our speakers and other volunteers for their generous contributions,” said ThyCa Board Chair Gary Bloom of Olney, Maryland, a ten-year thyroid cancer survivor. “We invite everyone to share what they learned and help raise awareness of thyroid cancer.

“Thyroid cancer is one of the few cancers where the incidence rate is increasing. It’s crucial that we provide education and support for patients and survivors,” said Bloom. ThyCa will use the conference presentations to expand our educational web site, so that people worldwide will benefit from this unique event.

“We invite everyone to attend the 9th International Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Conference in Orlando, Florida, October 27-29, 2006,” said Bloom. “Throughout the year we welcome everyone to to visit our web site and attend our monthly local support group meetings, as well as our one-day spring workshops already being planned.”

ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association, Inc. is a national all- volunteer nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization of thyroid cancer survivors, families, and health care professionals, advised by nationally recognized thyroid cancer specialists and dedicated to education, support, communication, awareness for early detection, and thyroid cancer research fundraising and research grants.

For more information about ThyCa’s free year-round support services, education, and publications, e-mail, call toll- free 1-877-588-7904, write to PO Box 1545, New York, NY 10159-1545, or visit the ThyCa web site at