USA TODAY Survey Results and News

In August 2007, USA Today conducted a survey of the experiences of thyroid cancer patients with radioactive iodine treatment. The survey was linked from ThyCa’s web site for one week. It received more than 900 responses.

The survey focused particularly on whether patients stayed in the hospital or went home immediately after treatment, the mode of transportation home, insurance coverage related to inpatient or outpatient treatment, and side effects in the first 24 hours.

The cover story in USA Today’s November 19, 2007 issue included survey results. It was one of 4 articles by reporter Steve Sternberg about I-131 and thyroid cancer. The lead article, on page 1, has links to the other 3 articles.

Below are links to the survey announcement, a summary of results, and the four articles USA TODAY published in November 2007.

Survey Announcement
An announcement was posted, from August 14, 2007 through August 21, 2007, on ThyCa’s website, with a link to the online questionnaire.

USA TODAY Articles, November 2007
Lead Article—Cover Story:
Additional Articles: